You observe the empty room. Well, empty was the wrong word. There's lots of stuff, just not very much in terms of people. Which really could apply to a lot of rooms here, but this one had a distinct feeling of emptiness. Like there should be someone here, but there isn't. Unless you count spiders. Bleh, you've had enough of bugs for today. On the topic of spiders, though, this place is covered in cobwebs. Like, too many cobwebs. There were certain paths that were web-free, but even then there was string. It was just to the point of being too stepped on to be considered a web anymore. Tapestries and flowers adorn the walls, and there's a bunch of stuff on the floor--objects haphazardly placed about. This place was certainly lived in, which made its abandonment all the more concerning.

You don't have your usual quick pull to the next room. Actually, you feel like you could probably stay here a while and look at things. Not like you have anything urgent to be doing, not really.




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note: if you expected something a lot more metal-sonic related perhaps this is what you're looking for?

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