You step into this room and it feels like you're stepping into pure numbers. Your eyes adjust, and you begin to see flavor text, and images, all strewn about haphazardly. In the middle is a figure, seemingly a teenage boy? No older than 14, you'd reckon. Brown hair covers his eyes, and he's wearing a dark grey t-shirt with text and designs that seem to change occasionally--whenever you aren't paying attention. They're mostly gamer jokes, with a couple non sequiturs thrown in. He finally seems to notice you, and it settles on 'PERSONIFIED FEAR', just in white letters. He appears... fake-happy, like he's trying to avoid getting into trouble. Which you find strange, as you have literally 0 authority on anything here.

You wave awkwardly, half-walking half-floating over to meet him. "Hey. Uh. You're one of the people who're in the mazey thing, right?" > "Yeah, there's... not an outside? Accessible, at least?" > "Yes. Like... you are?" <-